About Us

Thank you for stopping by Monaco Apparel! I am Briana Monaco, the founder and designer. We are located in the countryside of San Martin, CA and work daily to bring fun and fashion together.

Founded in 2007, under the name Rockin' Cali Girls NKA Monaco Apparel, my first focus was on creating applique tops, bibs, and baby leg warmers for kids. As my kids grew, my designs started to evolve as well. In 2018 we re-branded and shifted our focus to not only include the fun apparel for kids and adults alike, we also saw a need within our local community to bring fresh designs to schools, business, and sports team. 

I love to create custom designs, so if you are looking for something tailored just for you - please email us at MonacoApparel01@gmail.com with any questions you might have!

Thanks for stopping by!